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The links to the left offer advanced searches of the Datamp database as well as screens to help find patents not currently in the Datamp database. The ccl search and Toggle Display mode are intended to help users searching for patents not currently in Datamp. The ccl is the Current US Classification used by the US Patent Office. If you toggle the display mode any of the searches in the tool bar above will display the ccl's that match the search criteria. A page on using tool classifications to search for patents not in Datamp can be found here.

Non US Patents
ATEarly Austria-Hungary patents2
BEBelgium Patents1
CACanadian Patents1319
CHSwiss Patents3
DEGerman Patents18
EPEuropean Patent1
FEFrench E series1
FRFrench Patents15
GBBritish Patents703
LULuxemburg Patent1
NFNewfoundland (pre-1949 joining of Canada)35
SESwedish Patents10
XCEarly Canadian Patents300
ZASouth Africa1
All Non US 2411

Special US Patents
CSConfederate States of America Patents266
FXFractional X Patents90
NXX Patents that do not have numbers256
RXReissued X Patents21
XPre-1836 patents restored after patent office fire9756