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If the patent you are searching for is not already in datamp you may find this screen helpful. You can enter a word or phrase here to search for. Patents whose titles match your input will be displayed showing their USPTO classificaion and sub classification (ccl) . Knowing the classification of a similar patent may help you find the patent you are looking for. Similarly the USPTO classifications of datamp categories can be displayed by using this screen. Tips on using ccl's to search for patents can be found here.

You can toggle print mode to see 500 rows at a time. Otherwise you will see 15 rows at a time.
Use toggle display mode to switch back to the regular display mode.

Search patent titles for the following word or phrase


  1. Matches are reported on the title field. The subsequent display page lists the alternate title when present. The alternate title may not contain the search string. Clicking on the patents will display both the title and alternate title. The title will have met your search criteria.
  2. Also allowed are the following wildcard characters:
    • '%' matches any sequence of characters
    • '_' matches any single character
    • ^ starts with example: ^marking matches anything starting with "marking"
    • $ ends with. example: marking$ matches anything ending with "marking"