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DATAMP Bookmarklets
Install the appropriate date search and/or patent number search bookmarklet(s) for your browser. Highlight a date or patent number on any internet page and then press the bookmarklet in your tool bar. The bookmarket will submit a date or patent number search at! If nothing is highlighted you will be prompted for the date or patent number.

Internet explorer
Apple Safari

Try it out here by highlighting this date: JAN 25 1887 and then press the date bookmarklet in your toolbar. Check out the patent number search by highlighting this patent number: 685,890 and clicking on the pn search bookmarklet. The date can be in any of a number of different formats as explained here. For more information on bookmarkets check out , The LibraryLookup Project (the first bookmarket I came across- very useful) and (this link explains how to install bookmarklets in Internet Explorer.) On some browsers you can simply drag the bookmarklet to the toolbar.