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The Patent Date: box in the blue bar above allows dates to be entered in any of the following formats:

An underscore '_' can be used in the first format (the one with the dashes) to match any single digit. An asterisk can be used to leave a field unspecified.
Example: 188_-*-06 would match any patent issued from 1880 through 1889 that was issued on the sixth of any month.

YYYY DD MM (in upper or lowercase) can be used in any of the date format string as wildcards in place of the year, date and/or month respectively.

A question mark can be used in any of the formats if you are unsure of a digit. Example:
Enter a date in any of these formats above and press enter to display the patent date search results here.

Alternatively you can use the old entry boxes if you chose:
Wildcards and digits are allowed in these boxes. The month names cannot be entered.