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All Patents of Type: drop hammers
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GB-163,400,044Jul. 13, 1628A. RotsipenInstruments for cutting, polishing, filing, turning, boring, grinding, sawing, and planing metals for cutting screws, for making files and bullets, for making and rifling barrels, for pressing or printing, and a hammer moved by water or horse powerscrew machines
GB-178,401,432Apr. 28, 1784J. WattImprovements on steam or fire engines—three bar motion and steam carriagesteam engines
GB-180,602,939Jun. 06, 1806W. DeverellGiving motion to hammers, stampers, knives, shears, and other things, without the application of a wheel, pinion or any rotative motion, by powers in common usedrop hammers
GB-184,309,850Jul. 24, 1843J. NasmythImprovements in machinery or apparatus for forging, stamping, and cutting iron and other substances; Machinery for driving pilesdrop hammers
GB-185,113,777Oct. 16, 1851T.H. FromingsForge-hammersdrop hammers
8,548Nov. 25, 1851M. PeckDrop Hammerdrop hammers
8,868Apr. 13, 1852S. AndrewsDrop-Punchdrop hammers
9,941Aug. 16, 1853E.K. RootDrop Hammerdrop hammers
10,720Apr. 04, 1854S. AndrewsDrop and die forging and punching machinedrop hammers
17,411May 26, 1857M. PeckDrop-Pressdrop hammers
22,092Nov. 16, 1858B. ShiverickForge-Hammerdrop hammers
34,434Feb. 18, 1862R.S. LawrenceImprovement in Forging Apparatusdrop hammers
36,459Sep. 16, 1862W.F. Goulding, F. CheneyImprovement in Drop-Pressesdrop hammers
GB-186,102,772Nov. 05, 1862R. WilsonImprovements in steam hammers and in valves applicable to the same, and to other steam enginesdrop hammers
37,692Feb. 17, 1863B. HotchkissImprovement in drop-pressesdrop hammers
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