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DATAMP Patents by Month for 1973
This table shows the number of the first patent in the DATAMP database for each month, broken down by patent type.
January 3,708,709RE27,565D225,819--[datamp][all]
February 3,714,714----[datamp][all]
March 3,720,135----[datamp][all]
April 3,725,634----[datamp][all]
May 3,734,009----[datamp][all]
June 3,738,152RE27,654D227,192--[datamp][all]
July 3,742,565----[datamp][all]
August 3,750,513----[datamp][all]
September 3,756,619RE27,760---[datamp][all]
October 3,762,244-D228,613--[datamp][all]
November --D229,022--[datamp][all]
December 3,775,911----[datamp][all]