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DATAMP Patents by Month for 1950
This table shows the number of the first patent in the DATAMP database for each month, broken down by patent type.
January 2,493,299-D156,709--[datamp][all]
February 2,496,308-D157,404--[datamp][all]
March 2,499,390-D157,732--[datamp][all]
April 2,502,463-D158,073--[datamp][all]
May 2,505,856-D158,629--[datamp][all]
June 2,510,660-D158,858--[datamp][all]
July 2,514,130-D159,336--[datamp][all]
August 2,516,956-D159,482--[datamp][all]
September 2,521,185-D160,082--[datamp][all]
October 2,524,110-D160,494--[datamp][all]
November 2,528,666-D161,025--[datamp][all]
December 2,532,500-D161,321--[datamp][all]