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US Patent: 2,514,130
Locking Wrench and Pliers
Harold T. Jones - Vallejo, CA

USPTO Classifications:
269/228, 81/155, 81/370, 81/380

Tool Categories:
wrenches : pliers type wrenches : locking pliers


Petersen Mfg. Co. - DeWitt, NE
H. R. Basford Co. - San Francisco, CA
Seymour Smith - Oakville, CT


Patent Dates:
Applied: Jun. 20, 1944
Granted: Jul. 04, 1950

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Harold T. Jones patent July 4, 1950
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The patent describes an adjustable "over center" locking linkage for locking pliers, coupled with a release lever on the movable handle. The specifications call it an improvement on the locking linkage in pat. no. 2,280,005. The specifications cite patent nos. 145,929, 612,982, 633,578, 952,079, 2,201,918, 2,284,003, 2,312,947, 2,313,270, 2,325,245, and 2,385,654.

This patent is the basis for the lock release that was added to Vise-Grip® locking pliers in the late 1950s, and the associated tools bear this patent number.

The patent number appears on a version of the Seymour Smith SNAPLOCK locking pliers with a lock release although the actual release lever more closely resembles Jones' later release lever (patent no.2,592,807). It also appears on the box and release lever for one style of GRIPSO VISE PLIERS produced by the H.R. BASFORD CO. of San Francisco. The GRIPSO box also notes patent numbers 2,519,973 and 2,523,385 which describe other forms of lock releases, and adjusting means for locking pliers.

This patent is noted in Jones' subsequent lock release patent (no. 2,592,807).

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