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US Patent: 9,398
Expanding bit
Charles L. Barnes - New York, NY

USPTO Classifications:
408/194, 408/195

Tool Categories:
woodworking tools : hand drills : drill bits : adjustable drill bits


Charles L. Barnes - New York, NY

L. C. Donn
A. B. Stoughton

Patent Dates:
Granted: Nov. 16, 1852

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"The nature of my invention consists in so combining the stationary and movable parts of an expansion bit, as that it shall always retain a cutting edge entirely across the hole to be bored whether small or large, and so that at the same time, the cutting point on the movable part shall always stand parallel with the line of the hole to be bored, by which means I am enabled to bore a perfectly smooth hole, and to prevent tearing of the wood, or clogging: Also in giving to the movable part of the bit, a rising and falling motion, as the bit is contracted or expanded, so that the lip on the movable part shall be the cutter when boring the largest size holes (the other lip being at rest), and the lip on the stationary part, be the cutter when boring the smallest size holes, the first named lip being at rest, or vice versa, by which means I am enabled to have and use lips formed to suit the periphery of large or small holes without changing the parts of the bit."

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