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US Patent: 931,223
Feeding mechanism for saw
John P. Gates - Beloit, WI
Burt D. Stevens - Beloit, WI
Harry B. Ross - Beloit, WI

USPTO Classifications:
144/128, 83/425.3, 83/435, 83/435.2

Tool Categories:
woodworking machines : woodworking machine parts or accessories : woodworking machine stockfeeding mechanisms


P. B. Yates Machine Co. - Beloit, WI
Berlin Machine Works - Beloit, WI

W. R. Perkins
L. M. Randall
J. A. Thorson
F. L. Lane

Patent Dates:
Applied: Dec. 02, 1907
Granted: Aug. 17, 1909

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for P. B. Yates Machine Co.
"Vintage Machinery" entry for Berlin Machine Works
"In double cut-off saws it has been usual to employ a feeding mechanism consisting of a pair of chains passing around sprocket wheels and having conveyer blocks or flights attached thereto at intervals and to corresponding links of the pair of sprocket chains, to feed or push the boards forwardly to the companion cut-off saws. Use of these machines has shown and demonstrated that the hinge pins or links of the chains not only become worn but that they wear unevenly, destroying the alinement of the pushing or feeding blocks or abutments, and causing improper and untrue sawing of the boards. To overcome this difficulty we have devised a feeding mechanism of the same general character as that outlined above but in which endless steel bands, which cannot stretch, take the place of the objectionable chains."

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