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US Patent: 92,565
Screw Threading Machine
Benjamin F. Bee - Harwich, MA

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metalworking machines : milling machines


New York Tap & Die Co. - New York, NY

William H. Underwood
J. Underwood
W. L. Brennen
John Rachlone, Jr.

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Granted: Jul. 13, 1869

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S. J. Renwick - patent attorney

Many milling-tools have profiles, which vary materially from arcs of circles, and from straight lines. Previous to my invention it had been customary to cut the teeth of such tools in a series of separate cuts or approximations to the true lines, which approximations were afterwards finished up by hand. In operating upon this principle, the same cut is made upon every tooth of the cutter-blank; then the machine is reset, or the tool is changed, or both, these operations are performed, and a second approximation is cut upon every tooth of the cutter-blank. Each of these approximations, requires, the cutter blank to be turned once upon its axis, and as in many cases the profile of the milling-cutter differs so much from a true circular arc, or from a straight line, that the several approximations do not produce the required form of tooth, a great deal of hand-work is frequently required in finishing up the cutter after the teeth have been roughed out by a machine. The object of my invention is to enable each tooth to be completely cut. at: one operation, to the true form, by means of a rotating cutter, so that each tooth may be completely cut at one operation, and that the entire blank may be out by turning it but once upon its axis, instead of as many times as the number of separate approximations. To this end, the first part of my invention consists of the combination of the following instrumentality’s, viz:

First, a mandrel, to hold the cutter blank which is to be cut.

Second, an index and a pitch-wheel, having as many notches or teeth as there are to be teeth cut in the blank, so that after one groove has been cut, the blank may be set with the position of the next groove, which is to be cut opposite the cutter.

Third, a revolving cutter arbor, adapted to holding and turning a toothed cutter, by which the blank is cat.

Fourth, a cutter-carriage, for the cutter-arbor, so constructed as to be movable, both radially to the blank-mandrel and longitudinally therewith, so as to carry the cutter in the line of profile of the tooth to be cut.

Fifth, a profile-guide, corresponding in form with the profile of the tooth to be cut.

Sixth, a directing-pin or wheel, to run. upon said guide, and direct the cutter-carriage in its movement.

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