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US Patent: 822,723
Robert Conrad - Berlin, Germany

USPTO Classifications:
16/DIG.27, 29/898.062, 384/510, 384/520

Tool Categories:
industrial machines : industrial machine mechanisms : industrial machine bearings


Not known to have been produced

Woldemar Haupt
Henry Hasper

Patent Dates:
Applied: Feb. 23, 1904
Granted: Jun. 05, 1906

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This is the well-known "Conrad bearing". It uses inner and outer races; when the bearing is being assembled in the factory, the inner race is moved to one side to provide a gap to insert the bearings. As the bearings are inserted in the gap, they are distributed around the race, which causes the inner race to center itself. A "cage" is added to hold the balls in position. This type of bearing is inexpensive to manufacture and can handle both radial and axial loads, but it cannot hold as many balls as other types and so has lower load-carrying capacity. It is probably the most-used design for general-purpose bearings, such as in motors and on shafts in woodworking machines.

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