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US Patent: 7,852
Metal Plane
Means for Preventing BackLash in the Feed-Motion of Planing Machines
Thomas H. Burridge - Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ

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metalworking machines : metal planers


Steele, Burridge & Stannard - Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ

S. H. Wales
R. W. Fenwick

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Granted: Dec. 24, 1850

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Steele, Burridge & Stannard

The nature of my invention consists in the use of two racks, placed parallel, and fixed to the traveling table, which racks, are driven by two separate pinions, on the same shaft, one of which is firmly keyed to the shaft and the other is fitted loose, but with a driving adjusting arrangement which will admit of the adjusting pinion being slightly moved and the shaft also slightly turned in the opposite direction, so that, when the teeth in the pinions and racks have too much play, caused, by wear, the backlash consequent upon wear, in the ordinary way, is, by this adjusting arrangement, obviated, the pinions being set so that the teeth of either pinion will bear, only, on one of their sides against the teeth in the racks, one driving the table forward and the other backward alternately; the shaft on which are the pinions being driven by a screw and pinion.


The combination in the traveling-table motion, of planing machines, of two racks L1, L2, Sheets l and 2, operated on by two separate pinions M, N, one of which is made adjustable in the manner shown by set screws m, m, m, m, with accompanying parts and so arranged, that the pinions M N, may be set as to alternately operate, the one to drive the table forwards and the other to drive it backwards for the purposes herein set forth and operating as shown and described, or in any manner substantially the same.

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