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US Patent: 78,387
Cutter Holder
Improved Holder for Lathe Planers
Joseph P. Manton - Providence, RI

USPTO Classifications:
407/91, 407/92

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : metal lathes : lathe tools
metalworking machines : metal planers : metal planer tools


Not known to have been produced

William W. Rickard
C. L. Pendleton

Patent Dates:
Granted: May 26, 1868

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It is advantageous to machinists employing lathes, planers, and like machines, to make use of tool-holders of iron, in which the cutting-tool can be secured, instead of forging, from steel, the tool and shank in one piece. The economy in time and material which results from the employment of independent tools and holders is well understood. Various tool-holders have been heretofore devised, but all with which I am acquainted are objectionable, either on the score of inability to hold the tool firmly, so as to prevent its chattering, or, if unobjectionable on this account, are costly in structure. In the drawings, fig. 1, it will be seen that my improved tool-holder A consists of two bars, a a, of metal, placed side by side, the two so placed together being of the convenient dimensions to suit a tool-post. Near their rear ends, these two bars are held together by a rivet, or are otherwise firmly united, but a portion of their surfaces, in juxtaposition, say from their front extremities, to the point e, is cut away. The purpose of so cutting away their surfaces is to enable that end of the holder to yield to the strain of a clamp-nut, B. The-tool 0 is set, at any convenient or preferred angle with the axis of the holder, in a mortise, D, one half of such mortise being made in each of the bars making up the holder. The size and form of the mortise should correspond with the size and shape of the tool, but should be always such that, when the two parts a a of the holder are strained toward each other, at. their forward end, by the clamp-nut B, the tool will be firmly griped. A tool-holder made as described can be manufactured at a comparatively trifling expense, as compared with, others, for the same purpose, heretofore known, and, in point of strength and capacity to hold the tool firmly, is superior to any other.

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