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US Patent: 7,535X
Spokes for wheels
Daniel H. Wiswell - Petersham, MA

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trade specific : wheelwright


Not known to have been produced


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Granted: Apr. 12, 1833

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Most of the patents prior to 1836 were lost in the Dec. 1836 fire. For this patent, only the specification is available.

From October 1833 Journal of the Franklin Institute: "The tenons are to be cut by circular saws, and the rounding of the edges of the spokes to be effected by revolving cutters upon cast iron wheels with grooves in them, the cutters and wheels being adapted to the curvature to be given to the edges; the spoke is to be held upon a sliding carriage; this, and the other parts of the apparatus appear to be judiciously arranged. Spokes made by such a machine will be precisely similar, and in many respects superior to those formed by hand. The invention here claimed consists of the whole of the before described machine, when taken together; particularly the wheel of cutters for dressing the edge of the spoke; but no claim is made to circular saws, the gearing, tenoning wheel, or other parts before described, taken separately."

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