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US Patent: 74,609
Lathe for Turning Iron
William Sellers - Philadelphia, PA

USPTO Classifications:
82/117, 82/137, 82/141, 82/142, 82/149

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : metal lathes : engine lathes


Not known to have been produced

Theodore Bergner
Frank Lewis

Patent Dates:
Granted: Feb. 18, 1868

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The objects of my invention are, first, to secure the fixed or live head to the shear or bed of the machine in a neater, more secure, and convenient manner than has heretofore been done, while at the same time a tool receptacle or closet is formed in the bed, second, to so arrange the back journal of the spindle that it shall be supported in a solid conical bearing, that its end-thrust shall be received upon surfaces contained within an oil-tight box, that it-shall admit of accurate adjustment to compensate for wear, and that the spindle, with its cone pulley upon it, can be lowered vertically into place, thus shortening and rendering compact all the parts of the head; third, to so place the lead-screw of the lathe that it shall be entirely protected from dirt, and to effect the engagement and disengagement of the slide-rest with the screw horizontally, so as to allow the cross-girths, upon which depend the stiffness of the bed, to be carried higher up or nearer to the top of the shear than has heretofore been done; fourth, to operate the longitudinal and cross feed from the same "worm-wheel and worm, in such a manner that either one may be set in motion by the same handle, moved in the same direction, the feed used being determined by a separate adjustment.

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