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US Patent: 7,390
Lathe for Turning
J. D. White - Hartford, CT

USPTO Classifications:
82/104, 82/119, 82/17

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : metal lathes : engine lathes


J. D. White - Hartford, CT
Brown & White - Hartford, CT

O. D. Munn
Eli Polhamus

Patent Dates:
Granted: May 21, 1850

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Brown & White
Munn & Co - patent attorneys

An ad in 26 Jun 1852 Scientific American lists the turning lathe at 1500 pounds and $225.

"The nature of my invention consists in providing what I call a 'movable way,' on which the tool stock slides, and by which it is guided, the said way being constructed with one end secured by a permanent pivot or vertical axis joint to the lathe

table, and the other end of the said way constructed with a slot in it, through which passes a set screw to hold that end of the way to the table, and also to allow that end of the way to be moved out and in, to and from the revolving axle on the lathe, so that when the tool stock is moving along on the slide with the tool in contact with the axle to be turned, the said movable way will so guide the cutting tool as to turn any axle or shaft of a tapering form; and also, by the said movable way being set parallel with the revolving axis to be turned, the cutting tool will be thereby enabled to turn journals or shafts of an equal diameter throughout.

"My invention further consists in providing two such movable ways to one lathe, and arranging the driving gearing at and on the middle of the lathe, having two head stocks and a chuck on the middle of the lathe, so that two cutters may be turning the different ends of a railroad car axle at one time, the one cutter turning the taper while the other is turning the journal of the axle at the other, which requires the operator's undivided attention.

"My invention further consists in providing an opening in the chuck, head stock, and chuck spur wheel, whereby the axle can be placed in and taken out of the chuck at the side instead of endways."

Claim.—"I claim the central stock heads, and the chuck, and the large spur wheel, with the slots in them, to allow the axle to be placed in and taken out of the chuck sideways; the large spur wheel being driven by spur wheels Q G S, and T T, the one T acting as a compensation gearing to the other, while the slot of the large spur wheel is passing the other spur wheel T, in the manner substantially as set forth."

Description from the Journal of the Franklin Institute, 1850, Vol. 20, pgs. 105-106

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