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US Patent: 69,685
Turning Lathe
Benjamin M. Lewy - Montgomery, AL

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Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : metal lathes : watchmakers lathes


Not known to have been produced

Abel Hawk
J. H. Carkeet
Theodore Tusche
William Dean Overell

Patent Dates:
Granted: Oct. 08, 1867

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A, in the drawings, represents an. arbor turning in upright piece B to lathe-bed 0. This arbor, at its end D, forms one of the centre-pins to the lathe, and from the standard B is extended to another standard B of the bed C. F and G, two bevel gear-wheels on arbor A, between standards B and E. These wheels F and G are arranged to turn loosely on the arbor A, arid on their faces, toward each other, are both provided with a similar spring-pawl, H, pointing in the same direction, and engaging with a ratchet-wheel, I, fastened to arbor A, between the said wheels F and Or, Below the wheels F and Gr is a bevel pinion-wheel, J, arranged to loosely turn in block. K of the bed-piece C, as well as to be susceptible of being raised or lowered therein, for action in the gears F and G. L, a grooved pulley, fastened to outside face of wheel G, so as to turn as one. This pulley L is provided for receiving a tow to turn it, which tow being moved forward in the proper direction for the pawl of wheel G to engage with the ratchet I, such wheel G becomes the driver. At the same time the pinion J moves the wheel F with its pawl from the ratchet, when, drawing the tow back, the wheel F, with its pawl, becomes the driver, the wheel G moving its pawl from the ratchet, whereby through such drawing of the tow a rotary motion will be imparted to the arbor. 0, a balance-wheel fixed to arbor A to give steadiness of motion thereto.

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