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US Patent: 689,825
Screw Cutter's Bevel and Pitch Gage
Samuel M. D. Miller - Stockton, CA

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metalworking tools : machinist tools : measuring tools : thread gages

Fred L. Kincaid - Stockton, CA

Not known to have been produced

F. E. Monteverde
J. M. J. Phelan
Fred Linn
W. K. Gill

Patent Dates:
Applied: Oct. 13, 1900
Granted: Dec. 24, 1901

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A. H. St. Marie - patent attorney

This invention is an instrument for correctly and mechanically determining the correct inclination, bevel, and clearance of the cutting end of tools for cutting screw threads. It is well known to those familiar with metalworking that the cutting-tool for lathe-work, such as thread-cutting and the like, should have more or less depth at the cutting-point to give strength to the tool. Such being the case, it has been found difficult to cut threads of different pitch and insure sufficient clearance between the sides of the cutting end of the tool and the sides of the thread when the tool is making and has entered the channel, it being found that in many instances the bottom or non-cutting portions of the tool engage the side of the thread and bind on the same. Heretofore the process of obtaining the inclination, bevel, and clearance of such tools has been a haphazard or tedious "grind and try " operation; but with the aid of this instrument screw-tools can be shaped to cut threads of any desired pitch positively and expeditiously.

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