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US Patent: 6,889,579
Adjustable Gripping Tool
Daniel P. Brown - Palos Park, IL

USPTO Classifications:
81/58, 81/90.1, 81/90.2

Tool Categories:
wrenches : wrench adjustment types : self-adjust wrenches
wrenches : ratchet wrenches

Loggerhead Tools, L.L.C. - Palos Park, IL

Loggerhead Tools, L.L.C. - Palos Park, IL

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jan. 23, 2004
Granted: May 10, 2005

Patent Pictures:
Daniel P. Brown patent May 10, 2005
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The sections of the tool are called aligning and adjusting portions in the abstract. The straight and curved slots work to move pins connected to the gripping faces. As the handles close, the gripping faces close around a hexagonal object. A spring opens the handles, enabling a ratchet-like cycle of grip, turn, release, grip.

Known examples marked BIONIC WRENCH - LOGGER HEAD TOOLS / MADE IN USA - PAT. NO. 6,889,579

The references include an extensive list of prior patents beginning with 599,837.

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