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US Patent: 628X
Planing by machinery
John Bennock - Boston, MA

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woodworking machines : cutter head machines : wood planers


Not known to have been produced


Patent Dates:
Granted: Jun. 01, 1805

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for John Bennock
This patent and X629, both issued on the same date, are the first two US patents for wood planing machines. Both patents are lost and very little is known about them.

This patent's specification and drawings were lost in the Patent Office fire of December 1836, and so little is known about this patent.

A correspondent provided us with the following text from the specification of this patent."The Schedule referr'd to in these Letters Patent & making part of the same containing a Description in the Words of the said John Bennock himself of his 'Improvement in planing, applicable to all kinds of work requiring to be planed.'

"I do hereby declare that the principle of my Invention consists in moving any number of planes by appropriate machinery from one end of the Board (or whatever else is to be planed) to the other, & causing the Boards &c to pass under the planes a little way between Stroke in a direction at right angles to the motion of the planes whereby every part of the Boards &c come successively under each of the planes, and each plane taking deeper than the proceeding one, the Boards &c after passing under the whole will be compleatly planed. When rabbits, mouldings &c of any kind are to be planed the piece they are to be made of will remain fixed while the planes will be made to take deeper each Stroke until the mouldings &c are compleated. Boards &c to be slit in a similar manner. The machine to be moved by a fall of water, Steam Engine, or any other convenient power.—

"The Advantages of the improved method of planing are numerous and important, one of very great consequence is the using of water Steam &c in place of Men as moving powers, whereby a much greater quantity of work can be executed in teh same time, and the Boards &c are also much better planed than by hand, being made equal in thickness, and also very smooth.—

"These Advantages are applicable either in whole or in part of everything that requires to be planed.—"

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