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US Patent: 626,927
Incandescent-lamp socket
Charles C. Perkins - Hartford, CT

USPTO Classifications:
200/51.17, 439/703

Tool Categories:
electrical devices

Perkins Electric Switch Manufacturing Co. - Hartford, CT

Perkins Electric Switch Manufacturing Co. - Hartford, CT

E. J. Hyde
H. R. Williams

Patent Dates:
Applied: Feb. 13, 1899
Granted: Jun. 13, 1899

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This patent was very successful and much litigated. The case of Perkins Electric Switch Mfg. Co. v. United Electric Construction Co., US Circuit Courts of Appeals, 1911, gives the following summary of this patent. "...the Perkins invention consisted of forming in the body of a metallic electric light socket two insulated chambers, in each of which were placed on of the two binding posts of opposite polarity, and in one of which the switch was located. A solid wall of insulating material between the two chambers prevented, at that point, the objectionable features, first, of short-circuiting from binding post to binding post through the bearded or loose ends of the wires attached thereto; and, secondly, arcing from the switch. Perkins was the first to accomplish effective insulation through the use of separated chambers in a metallic electric light socket. His device was compact, effective, and had marked commercial success. It conduced to safety of life and property."

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