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US Patent: 626,715
Engine Lathe Head
Wendell P. Norton - Torrington, CT

USPTO Classifications:
112/221, 384/264, 82/140, 82/141, 82/147

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : metal lathes : engine lathes


Hendey Machine Co. - Torrington, CT

William F. Peetz
William A. Roraback
E. J. Nottingham
G. F. Downing

Patent Dates:
Applied: Dec. 28, 1898
Granted: Jun. 13, 1899

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Hendey Machine Co. History
"Vintage Machinery" entry for Hendey Machine Co.

My invention relates to an improvement in engine lathe heads, and is designed more particularly for use in connection with the machines disclosed in Patents No. 470,591, dated March 3, 1892, and No. 549,006, dated October 29, 1895, granted to me for improvements in screw-cutting lathes. The object of the present invention is to provide improved means for mounting and securing the live-spindle in place in the headstock and for effectually lubricating the bearing therefor.

This patent is one of the best know of the Hendey patents, the famous Taper Headstock Bearings. From 1898 until the end of production in 1954, the Taper bearing was used on most Cone Head lathes and a large number of Geared Head lathes. It was easy to maintain and adjust, a very rigid, solid bearing. (This information courtesy of Hendeyman)

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