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US Patent: 5,897X
Manufacturing horse shoes
Sumner King - Sullivan, Madison County, NY

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agricultural tools : equestrian equipment : horseshoes


Not known to have been produced

William P. Elliot
Charles M. Keller

Patent Dates:
Granted: Apr. 01, 1830

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Only about 2000 of the almost 10000 X-patent documents were recovered.

Because of the Patent Office fire in Dec. 1836, little is known about this patent. There are no patent drawings available. This patent is in the database for reference only.

For an improvement in Horse Shoes; Sumner King, Sullivan, Madison county, New York, April 1.

The improvement designated is the making the caulks, or projections, moveable, instead of permanent; for this purpose the shoe is to be formed with an opening or mortise in the toe to admit the moveable caulk to slide in, when it is to be secured by a bolt, or screw and nut. " The hinder caulks may be fastened on in the same way, or they may be permanent." " The caulks can be cast, or made of steel or iron, or any other metal." " What I claim as my invention, is, the making of moveable caulks, or projections, for horse shoes, whether made of cast or wrought iron, or of any other metal as above described."

Journal of the Franklin Institute Vol 6 1830 pg 3

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