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US Patent: 5,794,675
Planer with positively locking cutterhead
Jaime E. Garcia - Wexford, PA

USPTO Classifications:
144/117.1, 144/130

Tool Categories:

Delta International Machinery Corp. - Pittsburgh, PA

Delta International Machinery Corp. - Pittsburgh, PA


Patent Dates:
Applied: Aug. 09, 1996
Granted: Aug. 18, 1998

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Delta Manufacturing Co.
A locking apparatus for selectively locking a driven cutterhead at a desired elevation relative to a support surface of a planing apparatus having a frame assembly for supporting the cutterhead relative to the support surface. The locking apparatus includes at least one locking plate having a first and second sides attached to the frame assembly. The locking apparatus also includes a first clamping block attached to the cutterhead and disposed adjacent to the first side of the locking plate and a second clamping block disposed adjacent to the second side of the locking plate. Additionally, the locking apparatus includes means attached to the first and second clamping blocks for selectively drawing the first and second clamping blocks into clamping engagement with the locking plate to lock the cutterhead at a desired elevation.

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