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US Patent: 575,094
Turret lathe
George W. Drake - Cleveland, OH
John G. Oliver - Cleveland, OH
George C. Bardons - Cleveland, OH

USPTO Classifications:
144/14, 226/151, 279/146

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : metal lathes : turret lathes


Bardons and Oliver - Cleveland, OH

M. Millard
C. S. Maltbie
R. B. Moser

Patent Dates:
Applied: Mar. 18, 1896
Granted: Jan. 12, 1897

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Bardons & Oliver
H. L. Fisher - patent attorney

Our invention relates to turret-lathes; and the object of the invention is to improve the means which have hitherto been employed for controlling the stock feeding and locking mechanism, whereby the said means are brought close to the hand of the operator and all the parts which the operator is required to handle are placed within convenient and easy reach. Heretofore in machines of this kind having rack-and-pinion feed controlling mechanism the said mechanism was at the rear extremity of the machine, so that the operator had to bodily leave his work and go to the said rear operating mechanism and make the necessary adjustments thereby and then step back again to the work, and thus he had to alternate from one position to the other and waste much valuable time, as well as take his attention wholly from his work while this shifting of position was going on. The inconvenience and objectionableness of this old construction are obvious from this statement of its requirements, and hence the present invention, which is designed to overcome and remedy the said objection and provide controlling mechanism which is within easy reach of the operator in his working position, so that he can concentrate all his attention on the work as he should.

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