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US Patent: 5,666X
Raising vessels out of water by a screw dock
Elisha Turner - Rochester, NY

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transportation tools : nautical : nautical jack screws


Not known to have been produced


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Granted: Oct. 10, 1829

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Most of the patents prior to 1836 were lost in the Dec. 1836 fire. Only about 2,000 of the almost 10,000 documents were recovered. Little is known about this patent. There are no patent drawings available. This patent is in the database for reference only.

Description from the Journal of the Franklin Institute, V5 1830 pg. 26.

For a mode of Raising Vessels out of Water, called the "Screw Dock;" Elisha Turner, Rochester, New York, October 10.

In the construction of this dock, as represented in the drawing, a slip, or pier, is formed by driving rows of piles; and these inner rows are to be framed and braced to other rows of piles driven at a suitable distance outside of the former. Upon these a second frame is to be constructed of a height sufficient for the raising of a vessel. Through the strong upper timbers of this frame, screws are passed, the heads of which rest upon the frame, their shanks extending down and working into female screws firmly fixed in the tops of vertical sliding pieces. To the lower ends of these sliding pieces are framed beams, or bearers, extending from one side of the dock to the other, the beams thus attached to opposite slides, serve, unitedly, as a cradle to sustain the vessel, which is to be floated in over them, and raised by the screws.

To us, this screw dock appears to be in some points inferior to those formerly patented, particularly in the fixing of the nuts in the tops of the slides, where it will be difficult to secure them so as to sustain the enormous weight which they are intended to bear. Perhaps the patentee may have some superior mode of doing this, but if so, he has not explained it. The drawing gives no aid for understanding the details, as it is very indifferently executed. The inventor says, " I claim as my invention and improvement the above described new method of placing and securing the screws employed for raising vessels by means of two frames placed one on each pier, and by means of posts and slides prepared and placed in the manner above described, so that the screws may be wrought wholly out of water, and be turned by machinery placed upon the frames erected upon the piers."

"The inconveniences experienced from working screws under water are many and great, and by this improvement are avoided, and the screws made to work much more securely, and much easier; and the labourers, and the machinery used to turn the screws, are placed in a much more convenient situation while employed in raising the vessel”

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