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US Patent: 5,610,327
Knock Sensor-Triggered Timing Light with Visible Laser Retro-Reflecting Control
Thomas P. Becker - Kenosha, WI
Mark A. Hoferitza - Kenosha, WI
Matthew M. Crass - Kenosha, WI

USPTO Classifications:
324/392, 324/402, 73/1.56, 73/117.3

Tool Categories:

Snap-On Technologies, Inc. - Crystal Lake, IL

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none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jun. 07, 1995
Granted: Mar. 11, 1997

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A diesel timing light includes a flash circuit for flashing a xenon lamp in response to ignition events sensed by a knock sensor. A trigger circuit enables the flash circuit only in the presence of an enable signal, which is generated by a sensing circuit immediately before the ignition of the no. 1 cylinder. The sensing circuit includes a visible laser source which illuminates a patch of reflective tape on the engine flywheel just ahead of a timing mark corresponding to engine top dead center. The tape reflects the visible laser light to a sensor which generates the enable signal. The trigger disables the flash circuit immediately after the flash triggered by the first ignition event after the enable signal. LED indicators indicate when the photosensor is detecting the reflected beam and when the knock sensor is detecting ignition events.

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