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US Patent: 5,390,854
Coolant Spray System
Lee E. Hench - Lake Forest, Orange County, CA

USPTO Classifications:
239/337, 239/346, 239/366, 239/407, 239/413

Tool Categories:
industrial tools : lubricators


Hench Manufacturing Inc. - San Clemente, Orange County, CA

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Aug. 23, 1993
Granted: Feb. 21, 1995

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Fog Buster Coolant Sprayers

An apparatus is provided for delivering a combination of gas and liquid. A container provides a liquid admitting cap, a gas admitting port, and a liquid discharging port. A combining assembly has a first chamber in fluid communication with the liquid discharging port, and a second chamber is in fluid communication with the gas admitting port. Both chambers are interconnected through a combining valve. Flexible tubes are included for interconnecting the gas admitting port with the second chamber, and for interconnecting the liquid discharging port with the first chamber, so that the combining assembly may be positioned remotely from the container. A gas pressure controller is interconnected with the gas admitting port for selecting a pressure level of the gas. In operation, the liquid is forced out of the container and into the first chamber by the gas. The relative volume of the liquid flowing into the first chamber to the volume of the gas flowing into the second chamber is determined by the combining valve. The liquid flows from the first chamber to be combined with the gas in the second chamber, thereby forming a two-phase flow of liquid and gas. The combination leaves the second chamber through an outlet nozzle as a stream of liquid entrained within a stream of gas. The ratio of liquid to gas in the combination is determined by the combining valve, and the total pressure of the combination is determined by the gas pressure controller, the initial pressure of the gas, and the diameter of the nozzle.

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