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US Patent: 5,363,733
Quick release saw blade chuck and saw including the same
Louis C. Brickner - Pittsburgh, PA
Barry D. Wixey - Pittsburgh, PA
Charles J. Baird - Pittsburgh, PA

USPTO Classifications:
403/DIG4, 83/662, 83/699.21, 83/699.31, 83/786

Tool Categories:

Delta International Machinery Corp. - Pittsburgh, PA

Delta International Machinery Corp. - Pittsburgh, PA


Patent Dates:
Applied: Nov. 18, 1992
Granted: Nov. 15, 1994

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Delta Manufacturing Co.
A quick release saw blade chuck for connecting a free end of a saw blade to a reciprocating arm of a saw includes a blade holder including a first surface. The free end of the saw blade is interposed between the first surface and the inner surface of a clamping member. The clamping member is coupled to the blade holder by an attachment mechanism which defines a blade-accepting space and a second space between the first and inner surfaces. A mechanism is also provided for varying the size of second space and thereby pivoting the clamping member about the attachment mechanism to vary the size of the blade-accepting space and clamp a blade inserted therein.

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