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US Patent: 5,347,902
Motorized miter box
Jaime E. Garcia - Wexford, PA
Louis C. Brickner - Pittsburgh, PA

USPTO Classifications:
83/468.3, 83/471.3, 83/490, 83/581

Tool Categories:

Delta International Machinery Corp. - Pittsburgh, PA

Delta International Machinery Corp. - Pittsburgh, PA


Patent Dates:
Applied: Apr. 07, 1993
Granted: Sep. 20, 1994

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Delta Manufacturing Co.
A motorized miter box or saw comprising a cutting-head handle for guiding the movement of the saw between a raised, rest position and a lowered, operational position. The cutting-head handle is adjustably coupled to the cutting-head so that the orientation of the cutting-head handle with respect to a user of the saw can be adjusted by the user between a first position and a second position. The first position has a preferred orientation for the user when the saw is located on a floor or at a similar elevation and the user is kneeling or similarly located at floor level. The second position has a preferred orientation for the user when the saw is located on a bench or similar elevated structure and the user is standing or similarly located in front of the saw. The disclosed motorized miter box also comprises a carrying handle for use by a user in carrying the miter box between work sites. The carrying handle protrudes from the rear of the miter box base. The carrying handle comprises a support surface located in the same geometric plane as the lower surface of the base so that the carrying handle helps prevent the miter box saw from tipping backwards if the cutting-head apparatus is allowed to move freely from its lowered, operational position to its upper, at rest position.

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