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US Patent: 52,244
Making Cannon Balls
Improvement in Lathes for Turning Spherical Shot and Shell
Charles Forster - Pittsburgh, PA

USPTO Classifications:
451/284, 82/12

Tool Categories:
armaments : firearms : cannons
metalworking machines : metal lathes : metal lathe accessories

Charles Forster - Pittsburgh, PA
Robert C. Totten - Pittsburgh, PA

Not known to have been produced

S. H. Geyer
Allan C. Bakewell
W. D. Lewis

Patent Dates:
Granted: Jan. 23, 1866

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W. Bakewell - patent attorney

The object of my invention is to enable spherical shot and shell to be turned in a lathe more accurately and rapidly than can be done by the machinery heretofore used for that purpose. On account of the shape, size, and weight of spherical shot and shell it has been found very difficult to center them accurately in a lathe and to hold them in place with sufficient firmness to receive the action of the planing-tool without being dislodged from the center-bits of the lathe.

What I do claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

1. The use of the cup A in combination with the arch z, connecting the head-stock and tailstock of the lathe, with or without the bracket j and screw #', for securing the accurate centering of the shot or shell during the operation of turning.

2. The revolving slide-rest j, operated by a worm and worm-wheel, in combination with the cup J on the live spindle d, and the tapered mandrel, for fitting into the fuse-hole of shells, or the bit m, with knife-edges on its face for holding solid shot, the whole being constructed, arranged, and operating substantially as herein before described.

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