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US Patent: 5,117,880
Shield for cutting blade
Charles J. Baird - Pittsburgh, PA
Kenneth Kapton - Verona, PA

USPTO Classifications:
144/134.1, 144/135.2, 144/251.1, 409/134, 83/440.2, 83/478, 83/860

Tool Categories:

Delta International Machinery Corporation - Pittsburgh, PA

Delta International Machinery Corp. - Pittsburgh, PA


Patent Dates:
Applied: Oct. 16, 1990
Granted: Jun. 02, 1992

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Delta Manufacturing Co.
A bench type router/shaper which includes (i) a spindle drive pack which incorporates the motor and the spindle into a unitary package so as to establish and maintain a spatial relationship between the motor and the spindle, (ii) a semi-elastic drive belt encompassing the spindle and drive shaft which has a modulus of elasticity effective for providing effective power transmission while permitting removal and replacement of the drive belt without repositioning of the spindle and/or the drive shaft, (iii) a spindle adjustment mechanism for repositioning the longitudinal position of the spindle and thereby the depth of the cutter which includes a rotatable bell crank, a spindle in communication with the first extremity of the bell crank for linear movement of the spindle based upon rotational movement of the bell crank, and a rotatable handle in communication with the second extremity of the bell crank for producing rotation of the bell crank based upon rotation of the handle and (iv) a protective shield over the cutter which provides maximum protection with minimal interference and includes a horizontal plate which is laterally pivotable about a first pivot point proximate the right end of the horizontal plate, and a vertical plate which is longitudinally pivotally connected to the horizontal plate about a second pivot point proximate the left end of both plates.

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