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US Patent: 5,078,373
Bench saw fence
David Miller - Tupelo, MS

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Delta International Machinery Corporation - Pittsburgh, PA

Delta International Machinery Corp. - Pittsburgh, PA


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Applied: Feb. 01, 1990
Granted: Jan. 07, 1992

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Delta Manufacturing Co.
A highly accurate yet inexpensive bench saw fence which includes (i) a conduit with a featureless distal end for guiding a workpiece along a bench saw table, (ii) a clamping mechanism proximate the distal end of the conduit for clamping the fence to a bench saw table which includes a linear alignment ridge for guiding the bench saw table into proper contact with the clamping mechanism and ensuring proper alignment of the fence with respect to the bench saw table, and (iii) a rotatable control lever proximate the proximal end of the conduit in mechanical communication with the clamping mechanism for controlling movement of the clamping mechanism between a release position and a clamping position and by movement of the lever from a primary locking position to a secondary locking position, (iv) wherein rotation of the control lever causes concentric rotation of the path between the primary and secondary locking positions.

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