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US Patent: 4,503,509
Calibrator for Timing Meter
Thomas P. Becker - Kenosha, WI
Christopher B. Stout - Kenosha, WI
Gene P. Hopp - Racine, WI

USPTO Classifications:
377/20, 702/89

Tool Categories:

Snap-On Tools Corp. - Kenosha, WI

Not known to have been produced

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jul. 29, 1982
Granted: Mar. 05, 1985

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Snap-On Tools Company History
Emrich & Dithmar - patent attorneys


An oscillator provides a series of pulses to the first of a plurality of cascaded counters. The BCD outputs of each counter provide a particular digit in the number of pulses counted during selected intervals. At least two AND means are coupled to respective sets of the counter outputs to provide speed signals when the corresponding numbers of pulses have been counted. A selected one of such signals resets the counters and also provides an inductive output for the magnetic probe of a timing meter. Additional AND means are respectively coupled to different sets of the counter outputs and provide timing signals when their respective numbers of pulses have been counted. A selected one of the timing signals energizes an LED which produces a light flash for the luminosity probe of the timing meter.

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