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US Patent: 4,349,945
Multi-purpose power tool
Anthony Fox - Minneapolis, MN

USPTO Classifications:
144/1.1, 29/26A, 29/27A, 408/20, 82/152, D15/122, D15/124, D15/127, D15/199

Tool Categories:
woodworking machines : wood lathes
metalworking machines : drilling and boring
woodworking machines : wood drilling and boring : drill presses
metalworking machines : drilling and boring : drill presses
woodworking machines : sanding machines
woodworking machines : circular saws : tablesaws
woodworking machines : cutter head machines : wood shapers


Fox Super Shop, Inc. - Minneapolis, MN


Patent Dates:
Applied: Jul. 21, 1980
Granted: Sep. 21, 1982

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Fox Super Shop, Inc.
"A multi-purpose power tool in which a power head and a power carriage are mounted for reciprocal translation on a pair of elongated tubular ways, the ways being pivotally mounted and counterbalanced with respect to a generally horizontal base or stand such that the power head and carriage may be moved independently in a horizontal plane or, alternatively, in a vertical plane. The power head and carriage assemblies may be moved in a precise manner relative to the ways, either manually or by means of a variable speed motor drive. Included within the power head is an arbor assembly which passes through a quill member, the arbor also being driven by a variable speed motor. The quill assembly is provided with means for moving same outwardly from the power head to a desired extent and for subsequently locking it in that position. The carriage assembly includes means for supporting and accurately positioning a work holding table. By properly choosing the tool elements to be mounted on the arbor, the multi-purpose power tool can be made to function as a table saw, a disc sander, a vertical drill press, a lathe, a horizontal boring machine, a horizontal or vertical milling machine, a stationary adjustable router or a high speed shaper."

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