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US Patent: 3,498,101
Caulking Tool
John L. Daniell - Austell, GA

USPTO Classifications:
72/479, 81/8.1, D8/14

Tool Categories:
trade specific : plumber


Not known to have been produced

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Oct. 02, 1967
Granted: Mar. 03, 1970

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Abstract of the disclosure:

A caulking tool for use in caulking bell and spigot type pipe joints which includes an annulus which encircles the spigot portion of the joint, the annulus being formed of two semicircular segments pivoted together to facilitate placement of the tool about the spigot portion of the pipe joint, an axially oriented inner resilient caulking flange respectively depending from each of the semicircular segments and which have their extending edges beveled to cause the inner caulking flanges to be urged toward the spigot portion of the pipe joint when the joint is being caulked, and an axially oriented outer resilient caulking flange depending respectively from the semicircular segments outwardly of and concentrically of the inner caulking flanges and having their extending edges beveled to cause the outer caulking flanges to be urged outwardly toward the bell portion of the pipe joint as the joint is being caulked. This invention relates generally to caulking tools and more particularly to a caulking tool which simultaneously compacts or caulks the inner portion and the outer portion of the packing in a bell and spigot type pipe joint. The invention disclosed herein overcomes these and other problems associated with prior art caulking tools by providing a means whereby the entire width of the packing between the bell and the spigot portions of the pipe joint is caulked simultaneously as the top of the caulking tool is struck with a hammer

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