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US Patent: 343,358
Apparatus for tempering saws
William B. Barry - Indianapolis, IN

USPTO Classifications:
266/109, 432/225, 432/231

Tool Categories:
woodworking machines : specialty machines : tool making machines


Not known to have been produced

Hattie Murry
C. P. Jacobs

Patent Dates:
Applied: Feb. 12, 1886
Granted: Jun. 08, 1886

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"My invention relates to the construction of mechanism for tempering band and crosscut saws, in which are metal blocks of suitable weight and size, one set of blocks acting as the bed upon which the saw rests, the other connected with a frame-work, which is adapted to be forced down from above by means of hydraulic or other pressure, so as to clamp the saw firmly between different sets of tempering-blocks throughout its entire length, with suitable means for heating these blocks, so as to give the saw the required temper, while at the same time any warps or inequalities of the saw are smoothed out..."

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