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US Patent: 335,933
Mechanism for regulating steam-engines
Henry James Johnson - Providence, RI

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propulsion and energy : steam engines : steam engine governors


Providence Steam Engine Co. - Providence, RI

T. W. Phillips
A. M. Lake

Patent Dates:
Granted: Feb. 09, 1886

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Providence Steam Engine Co.
"In drop cut-off-valve engines in which the governor regulates the point at which the cut-off takes place—such, for example, as the engine known as the 'Greene Engine'—it sometimes happens that the driving-belt of the governor breaks or runs off the pulley, in which cases the steam-valves cease to cut off the admission of steam from the boiler, and unless the engineer is at hand to close the throttle-valve the engines receives far more steam than is necessary for the work to be performed and suddenly increases its speed. The principal object of the present invention is to automatically shut off the steam from the engine under such a contingency, although the same mechanism is useful for suddenly shutting off the steam by hand in case of other contingencies..."

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