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US Patent: 275,002
Reynolds T. White - Boston, MA

USPTO Classifications:
144/69, 144/84

Tool Categories:
woodworking machines : cutter head machines : routing machines


R. T. White - Boston, MA

J. H. Adams
E. Planta

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jul. 20, 1882
Granted: Apr. 03, 1883

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for R. T. White
"My invention relates to improvements in machines for cutting mortises, moldings, and rosettes in articles of wood. The invention consists in the employment of a rotary cutter the spindle of which is supported in bearings on a frame which slides in grooves on the main frame, the rotary cutter being driven by a belt from an adjustable counter-shaft, the belt passing over adjustable tightening-pulleys. The article to be operated upon is placed on a table or support, which is moved backward and forward by means of a cog-wheel gearing into a rack on the under side of the table, so that when the cutter has bored the requisite depth the table can be moved along and a groove the required length is cut without raising or removing the cutter from the same. The sliding table is carried by a sliding frame, which is adjustable on the main frame by means of a screw."

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