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US Patent: 264,766
Miter Planer
Rogers Patent Miter Planer
David C. Rogers - Greenfield, MA

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woodworking tools : planes : plane accessories : shooting boards
woodworking tools : planes : shooting board planes


Langdon Mitre Box Company - Millers Falls, MA
Millers Falls Co. - Millers Falls, MA

I. N. Kalb
Eli Bonge
James S. Grinnell
Wm. H. Allen

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jul. 27, 1882
Granted: Sep. 19, 1882

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The claim is to the movable quadrant.

Rogers Patent Mitre Planers are well loved by their owners. They are far safer than the Lion Trimmer guillotine type of trimmers, and they will trim both left and right hand miters, which the Stanley No. 51/52 board and plane will not.

They were made in three sizes as advertised in the Millers Falls, Langdon Mitre Box price list from circa 1900:

"The number of the Mitre Planer will indicate the width of the cutting iron:

No. 2 has cutting iron 2 inches wide, price . . . . $20.00

No. 3 1/2 has cutting iron 3 1/2 inches wide, price . . . . $25.00

No. 4 has cutting iron 4 inches wide, price . . . . $30.00

They are the result of many years' experience in this special department,

and are adjustable to any angle in straight or curved work.



The upper or movable bed plate is in quadrant form, having, at right

angles, sides which act as guides for the material to be planed, and

revolving on a pivot, A, at the point, enables the user to form the desired

angle for straight work. and place it in its proper position against the

face of the plane.

In the sides of the Quadrant are two adjustable guides, or rests, kept in

position by set screws, D.D. The special object of these rests is to enable

one to finish the ends et angles on curved work with exactness.

In preparing pieces for circular or oval work, frames, pulleys, emery

wheel, circular patterns, etc., it is necessary to plane the ends of the

various segments at varying angles. In planing these the point of the

quadrant near the plane and the adjustable guides form the rests required

for accurate work.

The Quadrant is kept in position at any angle desired by pressing the

catch, C. down into the notches prepared for it, or by the thumb-screw, B,

and can be used in connection with the arms or guides as desired.

Mitre Planers, as heretofore constructed, are open to serious complaint, on

account of the tendency of the plane to "jump" or leave the track,

especially in planing hard moldings. This is entirely obviated by our new

device of GIB or BINDER, without additional cost, thus making it the best

and cheapest machine in the market, all things considered."

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