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US Patent: 2,425
Machine for mortising timber
Jerub A. Fay - Keene, NH

USPTO Classifications:
126/15A, 126/15R, 144/75

Tool Categories:
woodworking machines : joint making machines : mortising machines
woodworking machines : wood drilling and boring : mortising machines


Davis, Fay & Co. - Keene, NH
C. B. Rogers & Co. - Norwich, CT
J. A. Fay & Co. - Keene, NH

M. Jones
Thomas P. Jones

Patent Dates:
Granted: Jan. 17, 1842

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for J. A. Fay & Co.
This is the only patent awarded to the founder of what became the largest woodworking company in the world, J. A. Fay & Co. The design itself is an improvement of George Page's patent 7,484X, and numerous examples survive; Follow the link to the "Vintage Machinery" site to see photos of an example.

"The first of these improvements consists in the manner in which I have arranged and combined the spring latch by which the chisel shaft is turned round, and is held in place, so as to reverse the chisel...

"My second improvement consists in the manner in which I have arranged and combined the respective parts by means of which the shaft A, is moved in and out, in a vertical direction, so as to carry the chisel to the exact point where it is required...

"My third improvement consists in the manner in which I form the intermediate lever J, by making it oblique on its lower side, and combine the bridle D, with the upper lever C, and with said middle, or intermediate, lever; by means of which form, arrangement and combination, the power to be applied to the chisel, and its range, are adjusted more readily than in the ordinary modes of combining such bridle..."

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