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US Patent: 210,420
Grafting Implement
William H. Gray - Tama City, Tama County, IA

USPTO Classifications:
30/178, 47/6

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W. H. H. Tiffany
C. M. Kingsbury
E. J. Nottingham
George S. Seymour

Patent Dates:
Applied: Oct. 30, 1878
Granted: Dec. 03, 1878

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Martin J. Donnelly Antique Tools
Seggett & Seggett - patent attorneys

My invention relates to grafting implements, and is designed to provide an instrument adapted to readily and easily make the desired form of cut required in both the scion and the stock. Heretofore different - shaped blades have been used in grafting-machines, the same being both straight and angular; but no form of shears has as yet been made adapted to accomplish the work required in grafting. My invention provides such an adaptation of parts, and thus permits the work of grafting to be quickly and easily accomplished, by reason of the advantage incident to such form of instrument. It consists in the combination, with a pair of pivoted handles provided with a spring or springs tending to force the same apart, of a flat bearing-blade and a cutting-blade, said cutting-blade being made with an angular shaped knife or knives of the desired form and in the same piece therewith. The shears are made of malleable iron, and have the knife or knives cast in or otherwise secured in the same piece with the blade to which the same are secured, the blades being properly subjected to a tempering treatment, so as to make them of the best razor-steel.

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