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US Patent: 192,917
Improvement in band-saw mills
Jacob R. Hoffman - Fort Wayne, IN

USPTO Classifications:
83/435.27, 83/817

Tool Categories:
woodworking machines : bandsaws : band sawmills
woodworking machines : sawmills : band sawmills


J. R. Hoffman & Co. - Fort Wayne, IN


Patent Dates:
Applied: May 21, 1877
Granted: Jul. 10, 1877

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for J. R. Hoffman & Co.
D. C. Prescott's 1910 monograph, "The Evolution of Modern Band Saw Mills for Sawing Logs", says, "The first Band Mill to attract the attention of mill men was in operation at Fort Wayne, Ind., in a sawmill operated by the Hoffman Bros. They had used one for several years, and the writer visited their mill in 1885. They were then buying large first clear logs up in Michigan and sawing them into stuff for pigeon holes and other cabinet stock.

"The wheels were of wood five feet in diameter, with rubber faces and iron spike centers. Both wheels were alike. They used a saw five inches wide, which they procured in France, claiming that no saw makers in this country knew how to make a band saw, and they probably did not; but their operations attracted so much attention that they commenced to build and market Band Mills of the same character as the one in use by themselves, and they did sell quite a number of them... Subsequently the mill of J. R. Hoffman & Co. was enlarged to an all iron Band Saw Mill. It was written up in the Nov. 28, 1885, issue of the Northwestern Lumberman, and thenceforward they advertised until they quit the business."

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