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GB Patent: GB-189,625,037
Improvements in tools or machines for facing, turning, boring and otherwise cutting flanges on castings and for operating upon other articles
Edward Greenwood Wrigley - Handsworth, England
Frank Pearn - Gorton, Manchester, England
William Alfred Pearn - Gorton, Manchester, England

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Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : drilling and boring : horizontal boring mills


Frank Pearn & Co., Ltd. - West Gorton, Manchester, England


Patent Dates:
Applied: Nov. 07, 1896
Granted: Oct. 16, 1897

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Frank Pearn & Co., Ltd.
"Our improvements are made upon and combined with those for which Letters Patent were granted to two of us the said William Alfred Pearn and Frank Pearn No. 20498 of 1891, and the present improvements refer mainly to mechanism to be combined with that described in the Complete Specification of the said Letters Patent for causing the speed of the cut to keep uniform or nearly so, whether the tool is cutting (as in facing flanges) in a small or large circle—in other words, it refers namely to mechanism for causing the cutting tool to have a slow speed of rotation for large diameters, and an increased speed for small diameters, automatically."

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