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GB Patent: GB-187,900,369
Improvements in Bicycles, Tricycles, and Other Velocipedes or Carriages, and in Wrenches to be Used Therewith ..
William Bown - Birmingham, England

USPTO Classifications:

Tool Categories:
wrenches : bicycle or pocket wrenches



none listed

Patent Dates:
Granted: Jan. 29, 1879

Patent Pictures:
William Bown patent registered Jan. 29, 1879
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Folding handle pocket wrench with a screw and wedge-adjustable movable jaw on one end. See also Bown's Aug. 22, 1878 patent GB-187803303 and Dec. 27, 1879 patent GB-187905295. Bown produced horse clippers, ball bearings, and held patents for a variety of items.

Ron Geesin's THE ADJUSTABLE SPANNER identifies this patent and GB-187905295 as represented in THE HOLDFAST, produced by Bown's company.

Note: Early British patents (pre 1916) were numbered by the year and started at patent #1 at the start of each year in January. The patent # used in DATAMP represents the year of registration and the patent # (with "leading zeros" interposed to make the number total nine digits). This patent is #369 of the year 1879.

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