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US Patent: 1,853,737
Power Transmission Mechanism for Lathes or the Like
Ernest R. Llewellyn - Arlington, MA

USPTO Classifications:
476/27, 476/31, 476/61, 82/143

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : metal lathes : engine lathes

Hendey Machine Co. - Torrington, CT

Not known to have been produced

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Sep. 27, 1930
Granted: Apr. 12, 1932

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Hendey Machine Co.
Roberts, Cushman & Woodbury - patent attorneys


This invention relates. to apparatus for performing various machining operations such for example as machines suitable for precision work and/or for work where substantially uniform operating speeds as well as relatively high speeds are desirable. A lathe is representative of machines of this general class. With apparatus of this character even a slight variation in the operating speed may produce quite a noticeable effect on a product, as for instance a variation in the smoothness or in the depth of a cut being made by a lathe. It is customary to equip machines of this class with gearing, usually of the selective change speed type, for obtaining the desired range of operating speeds. However, the maximum permissible operating speed for a geared unit is about 1200 R. P. M. Above this speed the gears are not only too noisy and unsafe, but also produce excessive chatter marks in the work due to tooth impact at high velocity. For these reasons a detachable unit of the type embodying toothed reduction gearing can not be modified merely by changing the ratios to provide a satisfactory speed increaser unit. It is highly desirable that a machine of this type be capable of operating at much higher speeds and that these speeds be attainable with a detachable speed increaser unit. Such an arrangement greatly increases the utility of a machine by making the higher speeds available through the detachable unit and the normal range of speeds available directly from the machine without the necessity of altering the construction of such a machine. At the present time cutting, tools for lathes, such as a tool with a carboloy tip for example, are available which will stand up at speeds at least as high as 3000 R. P. M. In as much as the lathe builders have been unable to produce a geared lathe which will operate satisfactorily at a speed above approximately 1200 R. P. M., the limit set by the selective gearing, it has been impossible to obtain anywhere near the maximum cutting value from such tools and of course the utility and productive capacity of machines of this type have remained limited accordingly. Some aspects of the present invention relate to means for increasing the operating speeds of machines of the class referred to beyond the range of speeds obtainable with geared units. In other aspects the invention relates to power transmitting mechanism for transmitting power at substantially uniform speeds without objectionable variations during changes of load or during accelerations or decelerations of the particular machine with which this mechanism may be employed. In this aspect the power transmitting means may be embodied in a machine for transmitting power directly from a power shaft or from a prime mover to the work to be treated. In some preferred embodiments, however, the power transmitting mechanism is in the form, of detachable unit adapted to be connected to machines of this class for increasing the utility thereof without the' necessity of altering the design or present construction. Objects of the present invention are to improve the efficiency of apparatus of the class described by providing means for increasing the operating speeds thereof beyond the range of speeds obtainable with geared units.; to provide apparatus of the class described with means for transmitting or delivering power evenly and smoothly at a substantially uniform rate, either at constant speeds or .during changes of speeds, as well as under constant or variable loads; to provide a detachable unit embodying power transmitting mechanism of this kind which is also compactly arranged and economical of space; and also to provide an improved unit of this character of rugged, durable and yet sensitive construction capable of responding to slight changes in operating conditions and consisting of a few parts which are relatively simple and inexpensive to manufacture.

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