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GB Patent: GB-181,904,400
Ornamental turning, etc., for bank notes
Jacob Perkins - London, England

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specialty machines : engraving machines
specialty machines : printing presses


Not known to have been produced


Patent Dates:
Granted: Oct. 11, 1819

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The full title of this patent is (take a deep breath before reading): "Certain machinery and implements applicable to ornamental turning and engraving, and to the transferring of engraved or other work from the surface of one piece of metal to another piece of metal, and to the forming of metallic dies and matrices; and also improvements in the construction and method of using plates and presses for printing bank notes and other papers, whereby the producing and combining various species of work is effect upon same plates and surfaces, the difficulty of imitation increased, and the process of printing facilitated; and also an improved method of making and using dies and presses for coining money, stamping medals, and other useful purposes".

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