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GB Patent: GB-181,604,067
Facilitating the conveyance of carriages, goods and materials along rail ways, by certain inventions and improvements in the construction of the machine, carriages, carriage wheels, and rail ways
George Stephenson - Killingworth, county Northumberland, England
William Losh - Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England

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transportation machines : railroads : railroad cars and carriages
transportation machines : railroads : track and switches


Not known to have been produced


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Granted: Sep. 30, 1816

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The patent first describes improvements to railroad rails to keep the ends of track sections in alignment. The patent then describes improvements to the engines and carriages: "our invention consists in sustaining the weight, or a proportion of the weight, of the engine, upon pistons, moveable within cylinders, into which the steam or the water of the boiler is allowed to enter, in order to press upon such pistons; and which pistons are, by the intervention of certain levers and connecting roods, or by any other effective contrivance, made to bear upon the axles of the wheels of the carriages upon which the engine rests..." These two improvements were designed to improve railroad reliability, carrying capacity, and quality of ride.

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