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GB Patent: GB-181,303,700
Machinery for propelling carriages upon roads or railways by legs
William Brunton - Pentrich, county Derby, England

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transportation machines : motor vehicles
transportation machines : railroads : railroad locomotives


Not known to have been produced


Patent Dates:
Granted: May 22, 1813

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Grace's Guide page on William Brunton
The inventor was with the Butterley Works in Derbyshire. According to the 1822 paper by Loughnan St. L. Pendred, "A Note on Brunton's Steam Horse, 1813", "We know that one engine was made at Butterley, and that it was tried on the railway at the Company's Crick Lime Works near by. The inventor stated that it performed very well, its speed being 2½ m.p.h. An engine, whether the same one or another is not known, was tried in 1813 on the Newbottle Colliery Railway, Durham. This method of haulage was found to be inconvenient and objectionable, so that it was abandoned... It is the author's purpose, first to show that in one respect the patent drawing is so far defective that the machine shown could not have worked; second, to suggest that Brunton used, in a slightly modified form, that elegant parallel motion which many years later was known by the name of Scott Russell..."

After this locomotive's trial at the Newbottle Colliery, an engine exploded, killing 13 and injuring 44. Several sources claim that this engine was Brunton's but according to Pendred's paper, the evidence does not support that conclusion.

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